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Northern Haus Studios has experienced engineers and producers who have worked on countless successful music projects. Whether it’s recording, production, mixing or mastering we’ve got you covered. 


Bryn Liedl

Bryn Liedl is a music producer and mixing/mastering engineer from Vancouver, Canada. His productions have gained global recognition from top musical acts such as Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond.



Chris Giuliano

Chris Giuliano is a music producer and mixing/mastering engineer from Los Angeles, California. Chris specializes in mixing and mastering music and podcast editing and mastering. He has worked on projects ranging from electronic music to rock and hip-hop. Chris also works in the film industry, focusing on film post production.



Aaron Olson

Aaron Olson is an audio engineer and dialogue editor from Vancouver, Canada. Aaron has worked as an engineer in Vancouver's Fader Mountain Sound studio, where he recorded and mixed records for artists of all genre.




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